Central Sanskrit University, Delhi

About The University:

 Central Sanskrit University (CSU), a premier institution dedicated to promoting and preserving the rich heritage of Sanskrit language and literature. We are delighted to present our comprehensive Prospectus of Online Learning Programmes designed by Mukta Swadhyaya Peetham (Institute of Open & Distance Education) for
offering flexible and accessible educational opportunities to Sanskrit enthusiasts
worldwide. Certificate Programs, advanced Certificate Programs, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Proficiency level Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree & Master’s Degree programmes on wide range of subjects with attractive study scheme are offered.(Central Sanskrit University) is a Dual-Mode multi campus Sanskrit University. It offeres various attractive Learning programmes through Regular and Online Distance mode. It is renowned for its expertise in Sanskrit studies and its commitment to fostering a deep understanding of the language, ancient
scriptures, and cultural traditions associated with Sanskrit. Mukta Swadhyaya Peetham (MSP) is Distance Education Institution of Central Sanskrit University. It promotes Sanskrit & Shastric learning through Online & Open Distance Education. Academic Development Centre of MSP was established at R.G. Campus, Sringeri for undertaking avtivities related to programme development.

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