IIT Kharagpur

About The University:

The Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, first of the chain of IITs, was established in 1950. IIT Kharagpur has grown into one of the largest and most well known technological institutes of the country. Today, IIT Kharagpur has come a long way to its present position of pre-eminence with 19 academic departments, 17 multidisciplinary center a School of Management, a School of Telecommunications, a School of Medical Science and Technology and a School of Intellectual Property Law, a School of Water Resources, a School of Infrastructure Design and Management, a School of Engineering Entrepreneurship, a School of Energy Science, a School of Environmental Science and Technology, a School of Nano-Science and Technology and several sophisticated central facilities.

IIT Kharagpur is the largest and the most diversified among all the IITs and continuously strives to produce scientists and technologists of the highest calibre
and integrity to help the nation become self-reliant in its technological needs and to provide leadership in the field of technical education and research. Some of the distinctive features of the programmes at IIT Kharagpur are science based engineering education, emphasis on complete education, continuous internal evaluation and flexibility for experimentation, upgradation and innovation in curriculum design.

IIT Kharagpur has a number of distinctions to its credit among all the IITs, such as the first Master’s programme on Management, first Master’s Programme on Medical Science and Technology for practicing Medical Doctors. In a study, sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, IIT Kharagpur is found to have the highest relative employment productivity index among the IITs and is the top supplier of fresh engineers/technologists to the public and private sector industries. It also ranked first among the IITs in the production of science and engineering Ph.D.

Postgraduate Degrees :-
LLB and LLM 
Integrated M.Sc. (5 years) 
MSc. (2 years) 
Dual Degree
Ph.D. and MS

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